What to pack for University?

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Whether it’s your first time living away from home or just a change of pace in life, University living is different to anything you have experienced before. With the small rooms, lack of kitchen space and a reduction in privacy, you need to be smart with your packing.  Only bring what you will use. You may think that that doughnut maker is totally necessary but I can promise you it will only be used once or twice. Leave it at home!

Of course, every hall/accommodation building will come with different amenities. I remember mine had an ironing board but no iron! If you’re confused about what is included in your contract then there is no harm in calling to check a few weeks before you’re due to move in. 

To help with your choices we have made a list of the five essentials that students often forget.

Passport/driving licence

You will need some form of ID in order to get served in a bar, apply for a job, and often to confirm your university place.

University acceptance letter

If you are applying for any internships/scholarships then you will need proof that you are actually in attendance. You will also need this for registration. 

National insurance letter

If you are planning on getting a job during your studies then you won’t get far without this. Our advice is to have your important documentation (or at least photocopies) in a folder for when you need it.  

Extension lead 

You never know how many plug sockets are in your student flat until you’re trying to plug your phone, printer, laptop, and light in from all corners of the room. An extension lead is a neat way to keep you and your productivity powered. 

Clothes hangers 

You will always need more of these than you think. After freshers sales and new uni outfit shopping you will need hangers. An idea (if you have enough room) is to have a clothing rail for all your extra bits and bobs. 

To find out what is included in our rooms give us a call on 0116 467 0315 / www.sulets.com

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