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Marketing Executive

We are currently looking to recruit a marketing executive to join the Sulets team based in Leicester.

This is an exciting opportunity for a qualified, ambitious and enthusiastic marketing professional who is looking to step up to a more autonomous and responsible role. For more information download the job pack here:

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The Sulets Content Marketing Front Runner

We are delighted to be able to participate in the prestigious Frontrunner programme at De Montfort University this year.

We have an exciting opportunity for a Frontrunner that combines marketing knowledge, writing skills, creative thought and an interest in student issues.

For more information and how to apply, see below:


Internship Title: Frontrunners – Content Marketing


Faculty/Professional Service:


Team/Department/Section: The sales &  marketing team within Sulets


Main Contact Name:


Kelvin Bathe – Sales & Marketing Manager
Supporting Teams and Colleagues:


This role will have the support of the Sulets CEO, and the sales and operations team who work together to deliver our business objectives and high levels of customer service.
Where will the opportunity be based? Sulets offices, DMU Campus Centre Building


Hours: 10 x hrs/week during term time


Rate of pay: £9 per hour


Start Date:


7th October 2019
End Date: 20th March 2020


Internship to cover: Term Time only – The three week Christmas break is not included
Brief description of the internship:


The Content Marketing Frontrunner will bring a unique voice to the communication that Sulets undertakes with its key audience.  The role will require a desire to communicate and will need accuracy, some creative thought and the ability to write to a reasonable standard. Their position as both student and Frontrunner will add a new dynamic and insight to our communication with our target audiences.


It will be a role that will provide excellent commercial experience, insight into the application of marketing plans and tactics and the ability to learn from the wider Sulets team and external suppliers.

Number of internships:


What graduate level career would the internship experience support/lead to?

The practical nature of this internship would see the intern working with the Sulets team and external agencies which would give a good grounding for a marketing or content marketing executive/manager role.



Skills Development  during the internship:
Skill Evidence of skill development
Business and Customer Awareness Because the role is centred on the development of material that will be targeted at the customers of Sulets (students and landlords) and will feed directly into the achievement of business goals (improvement of our SEO performance and awareness of the Sulets offer with our customer segments) there will be ample evidence within the role of the achievement of this skill.
Self Management The Frontrunner will always be supervised and will always have access to help but the completion of tasks will be under the control of the Frontrunner themselves. They will be able to exercise self-management in the way they manage their time to complete tasks and some of the topics that are selected to be written about. How they research the topic and the style/approach will often be their own choice.
Teamwork This will be evidenced in the way that the Frontrunner works with the marketing team and the wider Sulets group, i.e. completing their own tasks and helping others to complete theirs if appropriate. The role could also require being part of the team at events and assisting the sales team with the addition of properties to the Sulets website.
Problem Solving We have big ambitions for our content and the topics we would like to cover. That will mean the Frontrunner will be suggesting and researching new content ideas and investigating how to find and use content. They will also be using content provided by the sales team to add new properties to the website. This often requires work to find out additional information.
Literacy/Use of English (Written Communication) The role is all about creating useable content for the Sulets website and our other communication platforms. That means that excellent use of English will be a key requirement and the development of a writing style suitable for different online platforms will be key evidence of improvement in this area.
Positive Attitude to Work This will be hard to quantify and evidence. Where we can help with development is to welcome the Frontrunner into the Sulets ‘can do’ culture and show how the correct management and clear goals and work procedures contribute to achieving success at work and a wider positive approach.
Basic Numeracy Skills There will be some need to use basic numeracy but overall this role is about literacy, creativity and a passion to communicate and inform.
IT Skills This will be evidenced by the daily use of Microsoft products, website building software (WordPress), social media scheduling (Hootsuite), MailChimp and sector specific software – LetMC/KX.


By using the software required for the role the Frontrunner will become more proficient and comfortable with its use in a commercial setting.


Duties of the Internship:

The duties of the internship will include:

Duty Heading Duty Description
Research, creation and publishing of blog content To provide useful content to our audiences, and to help in the continual improvement of our SEO performance, the Sulets website and social media platforms will need content that is relevant, interesting and well written.


That will be the key task for the Frontrunner. Working to a content plan (and with our external digital agency), the Frontrunner will work with the Marketing Manager to agree topics, the right approach and how and where the content will be used.

Updating of website content Periodically the Sulets website needs updating with new properties and blog content.


The Frontrunner will take care of this using the WordPress dashboard and other relevant software.

Distribution of content via social media platforms The Frontrunner will work with the Marketing Manager and external agency to publish content via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The key task will be to edit the main content piece so it works effectively on those formats.

Use of content in digital campaigns and  printed media pieces, such as a newsletter or email There will be occasions when the content will need to be adapted for use in printed material and/or email campaigns.


The Frontrunner will work with the Marketing Manager to prepare the content and the distribution of those pieces. This might include learning more about how printed material is constructed and software such as MailChimp, used for email campaigns.

Support of the Sulets presence at events (where appropriate)


Sulets do take part in events on the DMU campus and if appropriate the Front runner will be part of the team. This will add new skills to the role – meeting contacts face to face and using verbal skills to answer questions and present information.


Required Experience/Knowledge/Skills for the internship

Candidates for the internship will need to be able to reference the following experience/knowledge/skills as part of their application:

Area Essential Desirable
Remain a DMU student for duration of internship. (Mandatory criteria). X
Must not have previously undertaken a Frontrunners internship or Sandwich Year as part of their studies (Mandatory criteria). X
Must have attended a Frontrunners application workshop (Mandatory criteria). X
Have an interest in marketing/writing/social media (meaning the Frontrunner does not need to be studying marketing but does need to have  an interest in communication/informing) X
Be competent with Microsoft Office and comfortable learning new software applications. X
To have an interest in student accommodation and the business of letting. X
To be a confident communicator both face to face and via the written word – this roe, is a communications role that will require interest, enthusiasm and creative thought but mainly the ability to communicate ideas and thoughts. X


Please note that if you have not been able to attend any of the effective application workshops that concluded on the 7th March, you must contact to receive the workshop information, we cannot accept an application from you until you have done so.


Application Procedure:

To apply please register and access our online application system