Sulets has developed a set of values to represent what we are is trying to achieve in Leicester. After consultation with staff, Trustee Board members and stakeholders our agreed mission and values were confirmed as follows.

Our Mission is:

To raise standards in accommodation for the students of Leicester. To be honest, transparent and fair in our actions and to enhance the student experience.

Our values are:

To raise standards in student housing In Leicester
  • We have developed a Code of Standards to cover all aspects of the Student living environment in conjunction with LCC and the Leicester Fire Department
  • We require higher standards for the properties we take on to our service (or a commitment to improve)
To be transparent & fair
  • We provide information up front to clearly inform our customers of our terms and conditions
  • We are clear on costs with no hidden charges
  • Tenant friendly deposits (we don’t retain a penny more from your deposit than is absolutely necessary)
  • Transparent governance
  • We are a non-for-profit company – any surplus is re-invested in the company or student experience
  • We survey, and act on feedback from, our tenants
To offer value for money
  • Inclusive bills on HTS housing
To be student friendly
  • We respect our tenants
  • We have deep embedded links with the two Universities and our member Students’ Unions
  • We have Student Executives on our Board to ensure that students views are represented
  • We don’t use high pressure sales tactics
To promote the student experience
  • We employ students in Sulets
  • We provide safe, supportive housing

Access to our mental health helpline service

When students become a Sulets tenant in one of our private houses they will have access to a free, professional mental health helpline.

Mental health is an important issue for young people, and especially for students, who take on many new and challenging experiences when they are at University. The COVID-19 outbreak highlighted how quickly situations can change and life pressures escalate.

That is why we have provided a new, professionally run telephone helpline that will be free to use for tenants who live in our private housing. Students will also be able to use an App that will give them access to useful content and advice. The service will be provided in partnership with established counselling helpline supplier, Health Assured. They currently provide care and support to over 10 million people across 50,000 organisations. Find our more here.

The Sulets Annual Report

As part of our commitment to transparency and clear communication with our stakeholders we have produced an Annual Report that summarises our activities for an operational year. You can download a copy here.

Sulets Annual Report 2018:19