The information below details what should be done if you discover a fault with your student accommodation.

There is also guidance for what to do in case of an emergency repair is needed, and the response time that can be expected dependant on the severity of the issue.

Please report all faults to the Sulets Team as soon as you notice them.

Emergency Repairs

What is an emergency repair?

Outside of office hours, emergency repairs can be reported by calling 0116 467 0315.

Please only use this number if it is an emergency as listed below and cannot wait until the next working day.
Anything classed as a non-emergency call out may be charged to you! Note: This number is for tenants who live in one of our houses, if you live in halls please contact the site staff directly.

Risk to life or substantial damage to the property.

  Major water leak resulting in flood and immediate danger to structure, services or fixtures and fittings

  Major loss of power

  Total loss of heating and hot water (from November to February).

Other Emergencies

  If you smell gas, call National Grid on 0800 111 999

  In the event of a fire call 999

  If you have no water call Severn Trent Water on 0800 783 4444

Response time guidance

Priority one – 24 hour emergency repairs

These are problems that pose an immediate threat to tenants health and safety.

  Forced locks

  Broken windows (to be boarded up)

  Gas leaks

  Electrical faults affecting all power to the property

  Uncontrollable leaks and floods

  Blocked toilet (if only one in the property)

  No hot water (Friday – Saturday, between November and February)

Priority two – 7 days

Urgent material problems that affect the comfort or convenience of the tenants.

  Cooker faults

  Heating system failure

  Leaking plumbing, toilet repairs, blocked drains

  Leaking roofs and guttering repairs

  Fridge-freezer, washer-dryer and microwave repairs

  Urgent repairs to stair carpet

  Broken windows (re glaze)

  Vacuum cleaner repairs

  Unexpected major structural faults

  Bed repairs

Priority three – 21 days

Non urgent day-to-day repairs will be completed on reasonable timescales but within 21 days of being reported.

  Furniture repairs

  Dripping taps

  Garden maintenance


  Loose tiles

Contact our team today.

Email or call 0116 467 0315

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