How to end your academic year right

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Written by Molly Lee (DMU Journalism student)

Well Done! It’s nearly the end of the academic year and the summer holidays will soon be here. It’s important to end your academic year right so you can be proud of yourself and your achievements. Here are a few things to do so your 2023-24 academic year ends well.

Not forgetting about deadlines

When the summer holidays are so close that you can almost taste the sunny days, it can be easy to forget about your final deadlines. Make sure you put your final deadlines on your calendar with big exclamation points so nothing will be able to dull your summer break. Once they’re ticked off, let the summer break commence. Not heading home for summer? Read our guide on things to do in Leicester over summer.

Speak to your lecturers and staff

Before you break up for the summer holidays, try and have a meet-up with your lecturers and/or staff to review your progress across the year. This is useful to see how you have done during the year, but it also allows you to ask any questions before you finish the year.

Reflecting on the academic year

So, the academic year is over, now what? Yes, get those sunglasses on and put your feet up. But don’t forget to reflect on the academic year you have just completed – it’s a huge achievement after all! Not only highlight the positives and things you’ve enjoyed in this past year, but, also, reflect on what didn’t go quite right. This can help you improve in your next academic year so you can be even better.

Moving out of your accommodation

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be dreading moving out of your accommodation for the summer – whether you are in halls of residence or a student house. I always manage to move out with double the number of items I moved in with. Make sure you check your accommodation’s moving out process including the dates, cleaning required and how to hand over your keys. You can find out more by watching our video below:

Have you got accommodation ready for next year?

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