Preparing for University

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Today we will be talking about how to prepare for University. What to do once you’ve accepted your offer, when you arrive on campus, and during your first week.


You may have been planning your arrival to University for some time, or you may be a last minute entry. Whatever your journey to University has been everyone starts at the same place. Here is our guide to the first few weeks of University. 

Before you arrive:

  • Book your accommodation

This may sound like an obvious one but you wouldn’t believe the amount of students who leave finding somewhere to live until freshers week. Book early to avoid disappointment. If you’re struggling to decide check out our guide to choosing your student accommodation.

  • Open a student bank account 

With so many banks now offering student bank accounts it can be difficult to decide which one to go for. Whether it is the overdraft you are after or an incentive such as a travel of food card that takes your fancy, it is important to choose the account that is right for you. 

  • Learn to cook

We’re not saying that you should turn into a michelin star chef overnight but knowing how to prepare a few simple meals can really save you some time and stress when its 6pm and you’ve not eaten yet.

When you arrive:

  • Register with the nearest Doctors

Unless you are living at home during your studies or live very close to your home doctors it is essential that you register with the nearest GP. If you get ill while at University it is better to have a doctors surgery nearby than to have to make the trek home feeling awful. 

  • Find out where points of interest are

We don’t mean historical points of interest (although they might be interesting for a later date) to suss out, find out where your main building for your course will be, where the library is and where the nearest toilets and shop are to your student accommodation. There will be time for sightseeing once the term has started. 

  • Pay the library a visit

If you have received your reading list it is a good idea to either purchase your set texts (It is worth looking second hand first as they are often a fraction of the price) or to book them out of the library. 

First week to dos:

  • Do the suggested reading

If you have time between your taster sessions and Freshers week activities, it is advisable to have a thumb through your suggested reading and make a note of anything you don’t understand and you can have that ready to address in your lecturers. 

  • Timetable your timetables

With your nights filled with events and your days filled with taster lectures it can get confusing what is when. If you can combine your calendars to reflect events of all natures and have a print out on your pinboard it can help to keep you in check.

If you start your term with an organised mind and a sharp sense of what is going on you will be fine. Enjoy! 

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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