How to get a good night’s sleep in your student accommodation

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sleeping with eye mask

Written by Molly Lee (DMU Journalism student)

May is known as Better Sleep Month to raise awareness about the benefits of better sleep and how a lack of sleep can disrupt your everyday life and wellbeing.

Getting adequate sleep is essential for your progress at university, particulalry with exams and deadlines looming. If you have housemates who like to party and sometimes come back a bit too loud, your night’s sleep can be disrupted. If you’re anything like me, you need your sleep to function the next day. So here are some tips on how to sleep well in your student accommodation.


Earplugs are a small, great and effective investment to improve your sleep in student accommodation. Amazon has plenty to choose from and many are reusable. Put them in your ears before bed and sleep away! They are quite effective for blocking out the sounds of your drunk housemates or any other noises in your house.

Good duvet and pillow

A good duvet and pillow can change your sleep quality and make you much more comfortable. A decent tog duvet will regulate your body temperature to ensure you do not wake up too cold or too hot. I prefer a memory foam pillow to sleep on as it is comfier – you can get affordable ones from places such as B&M or Home Bargains.

Sleep Mask

Light coming through from your window can often wake you up and disrupt your sleep. Repeatedly waking up during your sleep due to too much light significantly impacts your sleep cycle as you will have less time spent in the deep and restorative sleep. This will make you wake up feeling groggy, ill and lethargic. Sleep masks are an effective method of blocking out light by covering your eyes with a light material. This eliminates the chance for light to wake you up.

Pillow mist

The scent of Lavender is proven to be a gentle way to help you fall into a relaxing sleep. An easy way to incorporate the scent in your sleep schedule is to buy a Lavender Pillow Mist Spray which can be found in Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains for an affordable price. Simply spray the mist onto your pillow, rest your head and fall asleep!

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