Supporting Student Mental Health in Accommodation

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Sulets have an ongoing commitment to developing the skills and knowledge of our staff to ensure we deliver the best service for our student customers. As part of that programme the team took part in a training day to develop their understanding of mental health issues.

Accommodation has a key role to play in student life and as a result has a significant impact on student well-being. Our position in the housing market and our regular contact with students means that we need to be sensitive to the key issues, and more importantly, give our team the knowledge, confidence and skills to be able to react appropriately.

The training was delivered through the UK’s student mental health charity, Student Minds ( and covered areas such as starting conversations about mental health, active listening, confidentiality, self-harm and sources of help and support.

The team learnt more about the numerous demands and influences on students during their time at university and specifically about the role that accommodation plays in promoting student health and well-being.

The purpose of the training was to raise awareness of the issues, to give the team more understanding and to practice skills that will help them in conversations with students. Importantly the course discussed the range of help and support available and how students can be made aware of appropriate services.

A Well-being Toolkit, that will allow the team to look after their own well-being, was covered and time was spent to allow individuals to build a ‘kit’ of activities that will allow them to support their own mental health.

As a result of the training, action plans are now in place to update our policies and procedures and to ensure that we keep the team’s knowledge and skills up to date.

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