Addressing concerns about next year

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We are very aware that this has been an unsettling time for students. University buildings are closed, teaching has moved online, and exams and graduations have been disrupted. Accommodation has also been an area of change with the spotlight being directed on landlords and agents. Where we can, Sulets and our partner Student Roost, have put student interests first and have released tenants from their contracts.

As tough as things look now, we are positive that things will improve in the coming months and life will gradually get back to its usual routine. As normality returns, students will be thinking about the continuation of their studies. If you are studying in Leicester, then you will be keeping in touch with your University about your course and when you can return.

Part of that process will be thinking about where you can live and how you can make that choice in a way that is safe and does not commit you to a financial arrangement that is hard to get out of should your study arrangements continue to be disrupted.

These are genuine concerns and Sulets is pleased to say that it has been working with our partner, Student Roost, to overcome them as effectively as we can.

Firstly, the concern about financial commitment. This will be a worry for many and is something that might put you off booking and securing the room that you want. We can reassure you that should your University plans be disrupted, for example Universities are not able to reopen in September as expected, then if you book one of our Student Roost purpose built halls, then you will be released from your contract without penalty.

To help students financially, there have also been reductions in the rents at one of our key properties, Newarke Street. This building is in a great location, close to De Montfort University, and prices now start at £119 per week, which is excellent value. Find out more here.

You might also be concerned about how to assess a property without being able to carry out a face to face viewing. There are some things in place that can help you get a good idea what a property looks like and what facilities are included. We have 360 virtual tours available of the properties at Newarke Street, Eastern Boulevard, The Summit and Upperton Road. These show typical rooms, receptions and communal areas and the outside of the building. As well as images and descriptions to help you make your choice, you can also talk to our staff who know the accommodation and can answer your questions.

There is more detail about this in our separate blog post on ‘How to choose accommodation without a viewing’. You can find it here.

If you would like more information and advice, then get in touch with us, we are here to help.

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