Working whilst you study: How to find a part-time job

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Written by Catalina Constantin (2022 DMU Alumni)

You’ve settled into your accommodation, figured out your timetable, and started getting to know Leicester as well as the people around you. What’s next? I’d love to be able to say that all that’s left to do is for you to study and have fun. Not every student can make it through university solely on their student loan. Sometimes, there are unanticipated expenses. Let’s look at what part-time jobs you could get while studying.

Your university can support you in the search to increase your income and expand your work experience. Being a student ambassador allows you to work at university events throughout the year, such as Open Days. You would have the opportunity to develop your skills and meet new people, all while adding significant experience to your CVs. The University of Leicester also offers plenty of opportunities in the Students’ Union!

If you’re studying at De Montfort University, you should contact the DMU Careers team! From free access to digital resources to planning your career path, receiving feedback on your CV, and learning about the opportunities offered by the university, the Careers team are kind and helpful people you should not be afraid to approach. Check out DMU Works, or the University of Leicester’s Career Development Service.

DMU provides placements ranging from a business insight visit to a sandwich year working for a company. You could also join the Enterprise Placement Year and develop a business concept. If you are a first-year or second-year student, apply for the Frontrunners scheme and work part-time for up to six months in the university’s professional and academic departments while studying. Especially during the summer, DMU Global can help you gain additional job experience in an international setting!

You can find the agency Unitemps in the DMU campus centre which offers temporary roles across Leicester. The scheme works for both DMU and the University of Leicester. Contact their team and sign up! The best part? Unitemps provides both an hourly rate and holiday pay!

Fortunately, going to university in a city like Leicester means that there are always businesses, shops, and restaurants searching for part-time workers. It’s worthwhile to look at sites like Indeed. Remember that a company is only worth working for if they are flexible with their hours and enable you to take time off during assessments or holiday seasons.

Don’t allow your workplace to be detrimental to your health. wellbeing, and academic achievement! Employers who hire students are always conscious that studies come first, therefore we propose that this should be one of the most important things to keep in mind when seeking a part-time job! For more opportunities, check out ErasmusIntern, GoinGlobal, iAgora, LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor.

If you would like to get in touch about any advice, you can call us at 0116 467 0315, send us an email at, or pop into our lettings office on the DMU campus.

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