Why living on campus is better than living at home

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DMU campus

Written by Catalina Constantin (3rd year Journalism & Media student at DMU)

Everything changed when I moved to living on campus. I started living my life in my first academic year. It hasn’t been easy. But it is the best thing that happened to me. Have you considered how different it will be from where you currently live? You get to choose and there are a lot of options for student accommodation close to campus.

A train journey. New location. New house. New people. Adventure! I will forever cherish the feeling I had when I was walking through the campus while carrying my luggage. Heading towards my private student accommodation, I couldn’t wait to meet my flatmates. And there it was, a campus full of students. The start of my completely independent life. So many social and educational opportunities.

I’ve been reinventing myself. Learning new things. Going to university and meeting my colleagues and teachers. Visiting museums, restaurants, and pubs in Leicester. Making friends and improving a stronger sense of community. Developing new hobbies, skills, and taking care of myself. Decorating, cooking, and cleaning in my flat. Making my own schedule for studying and my personal life.

The student accommodation choices are so diverse in Leicester. I considered getting a student studio for a while but I live with other people. At Sulets, we have a variety of options to suit all budgets. Check our range of properties by searching here.

No commuting, no worries. No driving, taking the train, or bus in the cold rainy weather. Roll out of bed 10 minutes before class. Or maybe you would prefer to live closer to the city centre. There are no parents to nag you about it. Being on campus means an easy walking distance to university services, labs, classrooms, library, other facilities. You get more time to improve your social life and academic knowledge!

When it comes to private student accommodation, bills like gas & electricity, water, Wi-Fi and insurance can be included. You can get a stress-free student living experience with less living expenses to worry about. You can focus on taking care of your other finances more. You get so many amenities such as common areas for socialising, gyms and study spaces for taking care of yourself and study.

I think it’s worth it to take a leap of faith and moving to accommodation on or close to campus. Check out our different room options, and contact us to arrange a viewing or if you have any questions about accommodation options in Leicester.

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