The lure of a Masters

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A Masters degree (sometimes known as a Postgraduate) is often a natural next step on from some Undergraduate courses. 

What is a Masters? 

A Masters degree is a level 7 qualification which can be taught in classes or taken online. Generally, the course is more in-depth and specialised than an Undergrad. But they aren’t for everyone. 

The Pros

A Masters degree will set you up for your career whether you are delving into a specialism or changing your sector completely. They are also far more technical than an Undergrad and have the option to explore more skills using more advanced technology and software that you may not have been introduced to during your first degree. If you are looking to take a Doctorate then you will need to use a Masters as a stepping stone. 

If you are carrying straight on from Undergrad at the same University then you may receive a discount and can even be sponsored to take the course by your workplace. Once you have gained the qualification you may be eligible for access to a higher pay scale and it might offer you an advantage in a competitive job market. 

The Cons 

A Masters degree can be expensive and it may be the case that you don’t qualify for student finance. They are not always funded so unless you can afford to pay out of your own pocket then you will struggle. By doing a Masters you are not guaranteed a job at the end; it is not a magical pass that will allow you to waltz into employment so decide whether it is 100% necessary. A Masters can also be very time consuming, at most institutions you can choose whether you complete the course full time or part time it can take between one and four years. 

There are many great reasons to take a Masters or further education course. But there are also some great reasons not to! 

A Masters is a big commitment so don’t just apply for one because you’re not ready to go into the world of work. Similarly, if you don’t want to pay back your student loan just yet, a Masters is a poor excuse. In the end you will just end up with even more debt. To take a Masters you must be really passionate in order to succeed. 

You need to ask yourself, why do you want to get a Postgraduate degree? If it is simply to waste time then you should re-evaluate. If your dream job requires Postgraduate qualifications then a Masters is a clever way to go. Bearing this in mind, If you are passionate about your subject or want to do a bigger piece of research for a second dissertation then your Postgraduate qualification will be exciting. Sometimes it is enough to just want to add technical skills to a more creative Undergrad ie: in Business adding Management or Marketing specialism to your more general or even unrelated degree. 

Many students are now opting for a Masters fearing that a Undergraduate degree isn’t enough. 

As previously mentioned a Masters is a large commitment from the time to the academic responsibilities. It might be worth asking yourself, is now the right time? Would it be better to wait until you are older and have worked to know whether it is actually necessary. Would it fit your life coming straight out of your Bachelors and carrying on for another two years. Can you do the qualification alongside a job? 

Bettering yourself is never a bad idea and if you are excited about learning then go for it. Your Masters awaits! 

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