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Are you ready for Freshers? It will be a week like no other. There is so much to do all week long and there is something for everyone.

The infamous Freshers week is an event told through myths and garbles anecdotes, you never really know what to expect until you have been through it. Luckily for you, I have and I can tell you all about it.

What to expect?

New university students or ‘Freshers’, as they’re more commonly known, have a reputation for being wily fiends and I was very nervous going into my first Freshers week at DMU. but I was surprised at how friendly everyone was. What I had failed to consider was that everyone else was also in the same boat as me. We were all new. All we had to do was do the scary thing… talk to someone first. 

If you smile at someone and say hello, chances are they are going to say hello back, and boom. You’ve made your first friend. Some of these people will be the mythical ‘Freshers Friends’ those people that you spend the majority of freshers week with, and then barely see ever again, others may be friends for life! 

A common misconception about Freshers is that is is one big drunken party, this isn’t the case for most Universities. Of course the Freshers Ball will be highly anticipated by many but if clubbing isn’t your thing then there will be many other opportunities to have fun and to make new friends without alcoholic assistance. My favourite that DMU held when I was a Fresher was the outdoor cinema afternoon. 

What to wear!

After signing up for many University run nights out with themes such as ‘Zoo Night’, ‘Glitter Ball’, and ‘Neon Night’; my next question was “what on earth shall I wear?” Let me tell you, when there is a themed night, be prepared to dress up. Hard. 

I suggest looking online for inspiration, of course you don’t want to be buying a whole new wardrobe of fancy dress for just one week. Okay, maybe two if you count Halloween. 

Prepare for the most awful experience that University has to offer… Freshers Flu

When you join University you will be mixing with people from all over the country, and in some cases, the world. This will bring many cultures together and you will undoubtedly learn a huge amount about different ways of life. However, meeting this many new people in so many public events also helps to spread germs. Be prepared for the inevitable cold or snuffle after Freshers.

Before you join University…

Before you make the leap away from life as you know it, make sure you have all the details of your course, accommodation, and any financial aid that you may be receiving.

Don’t let anyone judge your decisions, going out-out isn’t for everybody and if you would rather have an early night or participate in something else then that is your call to make. There is no right way to do University so take the route that is right for you. 

Written by our student blogger Rosella

Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

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