Moving out of your Sulets student house

Your contract will confirm the tenancy end date. You are required to leave the house by this date and return all keys to Sulets. This page details what you need to do before the tenancy end date, and how to get your deposit back as quick as possible.

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Returning Keys

Sulets keys

At the end of your contract, your keys must be returned to Sulets. Failure to do this will result in a lock change being carried out at the property, for which you will be charged. Even if you are returning to live in the same house the following year, you must still return your keys. Before your tenancy end date we will be in touch to confirm exact key return arrangements. If you have lost your key fob, please come into the office in plenty of time before you are due to leave for a free replacement.

How to leave the property

All properties will be inspected at the end of tenancies.  The properties are inspected to ensure they are vacated in a reasonable state. All occupants are jointly liable for any damage caused or cleaning needed to ensure the house is ready for new occupants.

Before you leave, please ensure that:
  • The cooker (oven) is cleaned.
  • The fridge/ freezer is cleaned and has been defrosted. When you leave, make sure that the fridge/ freezer is switched on and the doors closed.
  • The kitchen has no waste food or rubbish of any kind left in it and all cupboards have been emptied of items belonging to tenants and thoroughly cleaned.
  • The kitchen, including work surfaces are clean.
  • The bath, shower and toilet are clean.
  • The house has been thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Make sure that all appliances have been well treated and in full working order and there are no unauthorised appliances are left in the house.
  • Make sure that the decor has been kept in good condition and particularly that bikes have not scraped wallpaper, nails have not been hammered in or plugs drilled into the walls. All damage should be rectified. Damage from blu-tak will be charged.
  • Make sure that the vinyl and carpets have not deteriorated in condition and have not been removed, burned, ripped, torn or left dirty.
  • Make sure that no unauthorised internal door locks or padlocks have been fitted. If so they should be removed and any damage repaired.
  • If you have accumulated ‘rubbish’ during your tenancy it is your responsibility to remove this from your property, including the garden and any other external areas. The household will be charged for removal of rubbish from the interior or exterior of the property.
  • Make sure that you have been putting your bins out regularly for collection. If the bins are full when your contract ends, there will be no-one in the house to put them out. We will then have to get a contract cleaner to empty the bins and we will be charged for this, so will have to pass that charge onto you.

Your Belongings

Please take everything with you when you leave. All items left in a property after the contract ends will be disposed of immediately. Tenants will incur charges if this happens.

Redirect your Post

Contact Royal Mail to redirect your post. Sulets accepts no responsibility for mislaid or lost mail and cannot re-enter the property to claim mail delivered after the contract ends.

Deposit Refund 

After inspection, if we find your house to be clean and tidy with no damage or rubbish to remove, we will be able to release your deposit.

Once we have inspected your property, we will issue any works that need to be carried out as a result of any damage, to our contractors. Once the work is done, they will then invoice us for the works and we will charge this against your deposit. This will delay the release of your deposit.

You will be notified of any charges against your deposit via email, once this has been finalised and you will have a chance to dispute these if you disagree. If the charges against your deposit is more than your deposit charge, then we will charge you the remainder and you will need to pay this balance.

Any Questions?

Please don’t leave it too late. Call us now on 0116 467 0315 or email

Thank you for choosing Sulets this year. We hope you have a great Summer!

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