At Sulets we pride ourselves on being honest and open about our fees. It is important for you to be aware of what you need to pay so you can avoid any unwanted surprises.


Halls of Residence

Currently, if you apply to live in a Student Roost Hall, there is no deposit to pay, but that may be subject to change.

Private Housing

Deposits are required for private housing. For most properties this is a £250 refundable deposit per person, however this differs for some properties so please make sure you ask us and check your contract.

Late fees

If a payment such as rent, or any other sum payable under your tenancy agreement, is overdue by more than 14 days, a late rent charge (no higher than 3% above the Bank of England rate) will be incurred.

Cancelling your tenancy

It is worth noting that when you sign up for accommodation with Sulets you will be signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions of a legal contract, which cannot just be cancelled*.

The only way to be released from a contract is for you to find a suitable person who would be happy to take over the responsibility of the contract and the property. This can take time and isn’t always easy so we would highly recommend that you make absolutely sure you are 100% happy to proceed before you commit and sign. There is also a £50 administration charge to consider if you did want to go through this process.

*Student Roost Halls have a 3 day cooling off period after the agreement is signed.