In each Sulets privately rented property there will be bills for gas, electricity, water and internet services that will need to be paid. It is the type of tenancy agreement that you have that determines who pays the bills.

Landlord managed Properties

Where tenants have a direct arrangement with the landlord (known as a Let Only agreement) then the tenants will arrange directly to pay the utility company, or in some cases, the landlord for services.

Sulets Managed Properties

If you live in a Sulets managed property (where Sulets manage the property on behalf of the landlord) you will also arrange to pay the bills yourself, via a utility company, or possibly in agreement with the landlord.

Sulets Premium: All Inclusive Properties

Some properties are offered under a Sulets All Inclusive contract. In this instance Sulets acts as the landlord and bills are included up to an agreed ceiling of £500 per tenant. This arrangement means you can live in the property knowing that the contracts with suppliers are in place and bills for the household are part of your monthly rent.

How does this work?

There is an allowance of £500 per tenant for each tenancy agreement. That means that any costs incurred over that limit will be paid by the tenant. In our experience typical usage in a 4-bedroom house will comfortably be covered by the £2000 allowance (4 x £500 per tenant). For houses where energy use is excessive, the household will be advised in advance when they are approaching their limit, so they can change behaviour to avoid any additional charges.

Sulets Premium: C&I Properties

An agreement for bills can be arranged either by yourselves, or with a third party provider. Sulets can offer this through UniHomes, but other options are available.

If you are unsure about what tenancy agreement you have then check your contract or get in touch and we will confirm the details for you.

How to submit a meter reading

If you house requires meter readings for gas and electricity you may be wondering how to read and submit meter readings. Watch below for more info.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash