Where to live

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Location is one of the most important factors in choosing your accommodation. It can determine the type of accommodation you’ll find. It can also affect your daily journey into University, and what your new local will likely be.

For those who are new to the city it can be difficult to know where would be right for you. We’ve therefore put together a breakdown on the main neighbourhoods in Leicester so you can decide where to live.

Clarendon Park


Clarendon Park is a residential area in the south of Leicester, close to the University of Leicester (just a short stroll across Victoria Park) and the bars and shops on Queens Road.

Clarendon Park has great transport links into the city centre and to the train station. It is no more than a half an hour stroll to either down the picturesque New Walk which connects Victoria Park to the city centre.


Victorian terraced houses line the streets of Clarendon Park. Their affordability and proximity to the city centre make them popular with students and young families.

These houses are typically between three and four bedrooms and often include a small courtyard garden. There are also some flats in the area, often between one or two bedrooms.

Prices in Clarendon Park can be higher than similar properties in other locations, due to its status as a more affluent neighbourhood, however don’t let that put you off as there are many affordable options in the area.

Things to do

Queens Road contains a range of shops, from convenience stores to independent shops you won’t find in town. Queens Road now boasts a great range of bars such as Bar Dos Hermanos and the newly opened Queens Road Tap. There are also a range of cafes, which often get busy during lunchtime on weekends, making it a lively place to visit day and night.



The Evington area is another popular choice for University of Leicester students. While the suburb of Evington itself is further out of town, the name is often used to refer to the area just off London Road. These properties are again close to the University, and are a very short walk to the train station and town centre.


Almost all the accommodation located in Evington is three or four bed terrace housing. Houses in this area can be more affordable than in Clarendon Park, though the houses themselves are very similar in size and layout. There are also some larger houses for up to six people in the area.

For those looking for flats, and individual studios, there is a limited number that can be found just out of Evington on London Road.

Things to do

London Road is a popular destination for students from all over Leicester, with a great selection of things to do. There are several shops providing all the essentials, as well as a selection of restaurants from fast food to more traditional dining including some of the best rated curry houses in Leicester.

There is a wealth of bars on London Road, including the student focused and recently refurbished The Loaded Dog. If you’d rather somewhere with a more relaxed atmosphere, bars like The Landsdowne are ideal for cocktails and craft beers.


West End


Closer to the city centre, and housing most of the accommodation for De Montfort University is the Leicester West End. The area is just opposite the River Soar and features the popular Narborough Road which Visit Leicester claims is the most multicultural street in the country.


The West End has the most diverse range of student accommodation. Being another residential area, there is again a range of three to four bed terraced housing within a ten minute walk from the University.

For those looking for flats however, there is a much greater choice of accommodation. This largely comes from the purpose built student halls which are scattered throughout the area, mostly clustered around De Montfort University. These halls often contain several hundred students and can have a great community feel. The flats within them can be shared with up to six other students. Alternatively many providers also offer studio flats which are self-contained apartments with cooking facilities, a study area and en-suite bathrooms. These can be great for students who are looking for their own space.

Pricing can vary greatly in this area, with much of the housing catering for students with a lower budget. The purpose built accommodation tends to be more expensive, but also provides better quality rooms, security and management staff on hand, and will come with bills and additional features included making them very convenient.

Things to do

Due to its multicultural roots, there is a huge range of restaurants on Narborough Road, catering for all tastes needs. Intertwined within this are a great selection of bars, and with the town centre practically on your doorstep, you’ll not run out of things to do in a hurry.

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