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Sulets offer a wide variety of shared housing options throughout Leicester, so it doesn’t matter if there are just two of you or six of you, we will certainly be able to find you a house that’s just right for all of you.

Sharing a house is a great way for students to get a feeling of independence and experience shared responsibility with other housemates whilst budgeting for all house bills. We also offer an ‘all inclusive’ package which includes bills which makes life easier for a lot of tenants.

All of our houses are fully furnished and as standard feature a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area.

Including bills from £90 per week
Excluding bills from £70 per week

Accommodation type
Shared houses for 2-6 people


  • All fully furnished
  • All properties within walking distance of campus
  • No admin or agency fees
  • Deposit of £250 per person for most properties

Site Maintenance is currently being carried out. We expect accommodation bookings to remain unaffected during the weekend.
Downtime will be expected from 5am to 10am on Monday 17th June 2019. Bookings could be affected during this period.