Top Five Tips for Freshers 2018

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Freshers is an important part of University. You’ll move into your new home for the year, attempt to get your bearings in a new city and meet more new people than in your entire final year. It can be a lot of fun if done right, so we’ve put together some tips to ensure you’re all set up for the year ahead.

1)     Pick your events

There is always a great range of events on offer at both the University of Leicester and DMU and after buying your wristband, you might think you should try and make them all.

While Fresher’s events are always memorable, pushing yourself through days of nonstop drinking, fancy dress and DJ sets will leave you hiding under the duvet, desperately trying to catch up on sleep. It’s also a sure fire way of catching the famed Fresher’s Flu.

So its worth planning events carefully, ensuring you leave time to recover, as well as time for nights in really getting to know flatmates and new friends.

2)     Join clubs and societies

You’ve probably heard a lot of people say things like “University is what you make of it” and “you’ll get out what you put in”. While frustrating to hear repeatedly, they’re right.

Joining clubs and societies is a great way to meet more people with shared interests, enjoy themed nights out and could look great on your CV.

There are societies for everything and everyone, whether you want to get stuck in with a new sport, become a dungeon master with the Game Societies, or get involved with the local music scene with the Rock and Metal societies.

Be sure to attend the Freshers’ Fair to see what is on offer!

3)     Do any admin

When you think about Freshers, admin isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind, however it will help you in the long run if you ensure any admin you need to do is sorted early. Check if you need a TV licence, get your University ID card and ensure you’ve received your student loan. It’ll be much easier to sort out during freshers than once term has started.

4)     Make the most of freebies

During your first few weeks of University you will be bombarded with vouchers for all sorts of food. Fresher’s Fair alone will provide you with bags full of discounts. Fresher’s is the perfect time to use these. Get out and explore the city as you cash in your free chips, or sit down and get to know your flatmates over a half price pizza.

Fresher’s Fair is a must visit for freebies, and be sure not to have a big breakfast as you’ll be offered everything from slices of pizza to noodles and tea. Stock up on stationary too for the term ahead. University of Leicester students should also make the most of the lunch at the Loaded Dog, free with your freshers wristband.

5)      Don’t worry if you feel homesick

No matter who you are, leaving home for the first time can be daunting and you may find yourself craving conversation with your family, a home cooked meal or the pet you had to leave behind.

Remember that everyone around you is in the same boat, not knowing what to do. Rather that calling home daily, it may be a better idea to seek out your new friends and talk with them. Just know that soon enough your room will feel like a home away from home.