As you will be aware the situation in relation to COVID-19 is both serious, and changing rapidly, especially in terms of the advice being issued by the UK Government.

Sulets is committed to providing a safe living environment for our tenants, and a safe working environment for our staff. To achieve that we have had to update some of our operational procedures. Some of you may have seen that we have already closed our shop on the De Montfort Campus to visitors. The details of our changes, and additional information pertinent to the current situation, are included in this statement.

Please return here to keep up with any changes that we receive from relevant stakeholders, i.e. the Leicester Universities, our tenants and contractors and, of course, the important advice from the health professionals in the UK Government.

Our shops

Our shop on the De Montfort University Campus, in line with advice to adopt social distancing, has been closed. Our team is still available to deal with queries and viewing requests via phone and email.

Our shop on the University of Leicester Campus was already closed as a result of the extensive building works taking place in the Percy Gee Building.

Tenants who are self-isolating

If you are self-isolating because you, or someone in your household, has symptoms, you must let us know. You can call us on 0116 467 0315. Or email on: enquiries@sulets.com

We can then avoid unnecessary disturbance (e.g. pro-active maintenance) to you and your household and can keep our staff safe. Of course, there could be occasions when essential repairs will need be undertaken to correct potentially dangerous situations.

Tenants in houses

The Sulets team will still be available to our tenants in houses, should there be a need for repairs or maintenance. We can be contacted via phone and email, as shown above.

Where requests for viewings have been made these will continue and we will notify you in advance, as we currently do. If you are self-isolating then please let us know, as per the instructions above, and we will make alternative arrangements.

We recommend that you keep up to date with the latest guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England.



Tenants in halls

Tenants who are staying in Student Roost halls (Eastern Boulevard, Newarke Street, Queens Court, Regents Court, The Summit and Upperton Road), should refer to the building management teams, as normal, for any maintenance and repairs activities.

The health advice for tenants in halls is the same as that for houses, keep up to date with the latest guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England. See the links above.

Maintenance & repairs and property inspections
  • Maintenance

We will be continuing to test fire and smoke alarms to ensure that our properties remain safe. Planned and essential maintenance will also continue. All tenants will be notified in advance about any visits by contractors. Please see the point above about those who are self-isolating.

  • Repairs

If you are reporting a repair, you will be asked to confirm that you are not self-isolating. Repairs will be carried out as normal, as and when they are required. Suitable precautions will be taken when the repairs are completed, including the wiping down of surfaces. It would be prudent to only report essential repairs at this time.

  • Property Inspections

In line with UK Government advice we will not longer be carrying out our regular property inspections. They will be resumed once this advice changes.

  • Cleaning

The planned cleaning schedule for relevant properties is still in place. Staff involved have been fully briefed and are working to the guidelines laid out by their employer and health professionals.

UPDATE – 25.03.20

In line with new Government advice, with immediate effect, we have cancelled pre-booked viewings or any other non-essential maintenance or property visits.

Rent payments

Rent will still be due as normal in this period. Rent is paid across the whole the contract whether a tenant is in the property or not. A good example of this is the rent that is charged across the Christmas and Easter periods, when tenants have usually returned home.

If you do have problems paying your rent, because any work related income has stopped, then please talk to our finance team about how we can help with options like instalment payments. You can also talk to the Student Welfare team at your University.

UPDATE – 30.03.20

Student Roost have announced that they will be cancelling the third terms rent due in May 2020. An email will be sent to you by Student Roost. You MUST respond to this to register for the refund. If you have booked through Sulets (and not via your University) then you will be able to register. For more information: https://www.studentroost.co.uk/coronavirus-advice

Sulets staff

As outlined above, Sulets staff are continuing to deliver our service, but we have put in place social distancing measures (as encouraged by the UK Government), so all contact will be via phone and email. Our team can access all the required computer systems they need to ensure a smooth transition from office to home when that time comes.

Where our staff do have to make visits to properties, they have been issued with disposable gloves, wipes and hand sanitiser, to ensure they stay safe and do not endanger others.


The Sulets Trustee Board is being kept fully up to date with the situation and the operational decisions being made by the team. The Sulets CEO and Trustee Board Chairman are in regular communication via telephone to ensure the business stays up to date with current advice and puts the safety of customers and staff at the forefront of our actions.


This information is as up to date as we can make it at this point. We will review it as the situation changes and UK Government advice develops. Please visit the website links below to keep up with official guidance.

Our commitment is to ensure that our tenants and staff stay healthy and that our properties remain safe and secure. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding, at what is an unusual, and difficult time for us all.