Student Summer Vacation

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After the initial high following the freedom from essays and lectures, the long summer holiday can get tedious, that’s if a plan isn’t in place.

Take a short city break in the UK

You’ve studied hard all year (at least you should have) and now you deserve a holiday. But there’s no need to travel far as there are some fabulous places to visit in the UK and Ireland and some super cheap flights to get you there. Visit the famous Temple Bar in Dublin, Edinburgh Castle and of course London with an endless list of places to visit.

SecretLondon – VisitEngland – Atlas Obscura’s unusual attractions


Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to enhance your CV, meet new people and make a difference to the local community.

Where to look for volunteering opportunities: Student Unions will have a volunteer coordinator who is there to help match volunteers to jobs and log all volunteering hours. Join the DMU Square Mile volunteers dedicated to working in Leicester’s most deprived areas, or the Uni of Leicester’s HEAR award. Both universities provide certification and an annual award night to celebrate student’s achievements.

University of Leicester Students’ Union – De Montfort Students’ Union

Go to a festival

Spending the weekend camping in a muddy field with portaloos means that festivals are not for the faint-hearted. The UK has some of the biggest festivals, with big names such as Glastonbury and V Fest to smaller local festivals. Or if you find yourself strapped for cash, there is always the opportunity to get a job at a festival where you will be able to listen to the music for free or if you’re lucky, get paid too!

Timeout’s Best UK Festivals – Oxfam Festival Volunteering


The Workaway Scheme matches volunteers with hosts around the world. This could be anything from helping out in a hostel in Mexico to a farm in the South of France or teaching English to a family in Romania. The standard exchange is around 5 hours of work a day in return for free bedding and food.



See the sights of Europe with an inter-railing pass. Why not head to Central or Eastern Europe where not only is the transport far cheaper but so is the food, beer and activities. If you want to save money on hotels, try the overnight train


Landing yourself an internship during your summer will not only give you insight into your chosen profession, but you stand a great chance of being offered a graduate job after finishing university.

Camp America

Fancy spending the summer working in the US of A? Some would say the best way to spend your summer. Join the thousands of students who jet off to spend the summer as a camp counsellor at camps all over America.

Camp America

Learn a language abroad

A second language not only looks amazing on your CV but can be a lot of fun too. Why not brush up on your GCSE Spanish in one of the countless language schools in Spain where students have the chance to impress locals in their native language and make new friends from all over the world. Camino Barcelona for example offers students the chance to learn Spanish combined with salsa classes.

Camino Barcelona


Does teaching English while travelling the world sound like fun? After first gaining a TEFL qualification from one of the countless companies offering this, the dream can become reality.

Or, teach students English online from the comfort of your home. With the potential to earn a good hourly wage once you’ve built up your experience and reputation, and flexible working hours, it’s easy to see why this is an attractive option for students.


Or you could just stay at home catching up on sleep and Netflix…