Join the Sulets Student Feedback Panel and help us to improve student housing.

We are looking to find out what you think about student accommodation – does it meet your needs? What are the problems? How good is the standard? How safe do you feel? Is there enough choice? How would you rate the overall value? 
Your feedback is important as it allows us to work with landlords and accommodation providers to improve the student living experience. Without your help we cannot do that. You do not have to be a Sulets customer to take part, in fact we would like to hear from people who have not used our service.
The format will be a round table discussion, professionally moderated, for a two to three hours each term. Refreshments will be provided, and you will be rewarded with £50 for your time when you attend.
To register to take part, please leave your details below. We will be in touch after you have registered. We want to ensure a balance across our panel, so will be selecting applicants to ensure we get a mix of property types and Sulets and non-Sulets customers from both Universities.
Many thanks in advance for getting involved.

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