All Sulets tenants in our private houses have access to a free, professional advice and well-being service that provides professionally delivered welfare and well-being support.

Mental health is an important issue for young people, and especially for students, who take on many new and challenging experiences when they are at University. The COVID-19 outbreak highlighted how quickly situations can change and life pressures can escalate. It is not always easy to know where to turn for advice and guidance. This service gives our student tenants a practical option that is easy to access.

When you start at University, there can be a lot to deal with. Being away from home and getting used to new living arrangements, is something all students have to adapt to. There will also be challenges with managing money, fitting into new social groups, and adapting to new ways, and levels, of study.

That is why we have provided this practical resource that can be used for help with family issues, financial and legal information, low mood, relationship advice, alcohol and drug issues, consumer concerns, stress and anxiety and bereavement. It can be accessed through a telephone helpline or an online portal.

It is provided in partnership with established counselling helpline supplier, Health Assured. They currently provide care and support to over 10 million people across 50,000 organisations. The helpline gives you free access to a 1 to 1 service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. It is staffed by experienced, BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) qualified counsellors who will provide help and support in a friendly, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental way.

On the portal, available when you download the Health Assured App, you will be able to view webinars, connect with health and financial advice, medical factsheets and budgeting guidance. All there to help you get the most from your time at University

As the issues that can have an impact on mental health are wide ranging, so the helpline itself covers many different areas. Details of how to access the service will be provided before your tenancy starts as part of your moving in pack.